29 Ocak 2012 Pazar

restless sunday the 29th: documentation-(re)presenting reality?

on one hand there is the ephemerality of art work turning into documentation, the documentation outbeating the actual work, event, performance, due to its commodifiability (instititution-wise a must, see Henry Sayre) and recalllability (to recall, remember, and thus re-enact the actual experience with the aid of memory, imagination).
that of the 70s.

then there is the "documentary turn" (yes another turn), that takes the video/photographic record, that does not take the social discourse, realm as raw material (Papastergiadis) to be processed within an aesthetic language, but to present it with all its rawness.
while trying to engage with the social, with what Foster calls  horizontal ways of working, the ethics of representing others, and the affect, impact the work produces becomes more preliminary than the object itself. the experience becomes more crucial. it is an intervention on reality. but again its modes, modalities, its way of approaching, its materiality is sometimes too much neglected. (I feel)

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