31 Ocak 2012 Salı


As an embodied ethnographic writing in the field, how can auto-ethnographic methodology be applied to practice-based research? If I am to follow the basic principles of ethnography, how should I approach towards my field, the work at the field? How does an artist-researcher evaluate the data collected, and how does she collect data in the first place? If ethnographic methodology follows fieldwork, data collection, description of the data and analysis of the data that develops into a comphrehensive, coherent body of writing, how does this methodology corresponds does it have to correspond? Can these approaches combine to inform each other or make something new? to practice-based research, how can it be developed in the working process of the artists who deals with the writing of one’s self, informed by cultural context? How can the work of art can go beyond a “descriptive accounts of the field studied” (Rapport, 2004, p.93) perhaps see issues around the sensual turn? without sacrificing the problematics intrinsic to the discipline of art? These are some of the questions, auto-ethnographic methodology raises for the practising artist, that need to be studied.

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