26 Mart 2011 Cumartesi

how to bring myself writing

do all the unnecessary things, watch all the rubbish stuff, saturate myself with all thrash, so that I feel I have to do something with my brain,
I have nothing left but to work for the dissertation
Im watching the only way is essex now, trying to coming to terms that phd is long, alone, (sometimes) boring process, and planning to start working on the paper I will present at the conference.
At some point I need to work for the transfer presentation as well, I have 20 days.
The most crucial point at the moment is to make myself spend time with myself. Im a hard company to get on with, I cannot blame anyone even myself.
so I will get used to the idea that I need to listen to myself (maybe some ghostly others/authors of the books I am referencing)to be able to sit, stare at the computer screen, combine the words I have scattered here and there for the paper that focuses on artist as ethnographer, orientalist or*and the truth teller.
I would like to thank stella artois and cipra lex for their efforts in keeping me upright, and despise my monthly headaches for catching me always at the wrong times and nailing me down. Special thanks for my March period, that took half of my march with deep depression,fatigue, and whatever negative you can imagine...
from me to the deepest void over there

24 Mart 2011 Perşembe

Donna Haraway calls it situated knowledge and describes it as follows:
[T]he alternative to relativism is not totalization and single vision, which is always finally the unmarked category whose power depends on systematic narrowing and obscuring. The alternative to relativism is partial, locatable, critical knowledges sustaining the possibility of webs of connections called solidarity in politics and shared conversations in epistemology. Relativism is a way of being nowhere while claiming to be everywhere equally. The ‘equality’ of positioning is a denial of responsibility and critical enquiry. Relativism is the perfect mirror twin of totalization in the ideologies of objectivity; both deny the stakes in location, embodiment, and partial perspective; both make it impossible to see well

the chapter on voice

kortun-new age of discoveries

21 Mart 2011 Pazartesi



12 Mart 2011 Cumartesi

relating, relations

turning relationships, exchanges into a matter.
focusing on what is happening at that field which is not shown in the movies, not told by anyone.