7 Aralık 2011 Çarşamba

down to earth

according to the bbc weather report, the speed of the wind will reach 80 mp/h tomorrow. ı dont know what that could mean, ı cannot imagine, picture a wind in a mp/h format. the only thing ı know about wind is, it can go through your lettuce layers, layers of jumper, coat and reach to your body, to your skin. it makes life harder, miserable, you forget about the beauty of bright sky, or else, it shuts off all your other senses, abilities.  when the physicality of the world outside is so insistent, then all you can think about is how to get along with it, how to survive it.
it makes all your presence to be directed towards it, where that strong exterior force pushing you, forcing you.
the solution to the strong winds for the fragile, dodgy, weak, temporary road signs is sand bags. they pull, draw that light, moving signs to earth. I am trying to imagine the work, the way they put things together. do they have a pile of pre-filled, pre-pared sand bags with the signs? those bags come in the same format, the size of them never changes, maybe the color. is there a name for that particular size (A3?:)
temporary sign marks, to mark, warn about the unexpected thing on your usual way. pulled down to earth with sandbags, what comes from earth goes back to earth again.
one of the things you do as a newcomer, is to try to read things, read into things, look for signs (not always as literal and straightforwards as road signs) that would guide you, give hints about the appropriate move.
I remember burrying the sun-umbrella into the pebblestones on seaside.
or the umbrellas sometimes do have a unit at the bottom that you can fill with water, you attach the long stick of the umbrella into it, and then you are windproof.
The baggy, saggy look of the bags, the dropped, loose and formless look. they let themselves hang on that (otherwise) flying metal structure. they look as if they are suspended, they embody the suspension of their time. and as a hook, as a stabilising agent, hanging on the metal legs they suspend the sign of unexpected.

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