7 Aralık 2011 Çarşamba

capturing the time gone by

the temporality of settling down. the mode of time while you acclimatize, settle down, when that total awkwardness, strangeness of things peels of. when you inhabit that new language, new routine, the way of doing things.
how can I capture it?
video-stop-motion-flip-book-the traces-ephemeral- about to fall, unravel, un-build structures
alışmak, a trade between oneself and that thing that one gets used to
giving and taking,
well, it is usually a one-way trade, you buy it, you leave the things you cannot afford. your presence means hardly anything for your interlocutor. at the most, you can be an anecdote in a story, a punctuation mark, a moment, a wind, a little breeze, a breath.
the wind of a person who passes by
pull-push,as the doors will tell you (at least in britain). or else you will be pulling where you need to push.
at a threshold, before entering into, before making your first impression, you are being directed about the direction of the doors.

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