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making sense of that distance between in another sense

1.in the video, the audience is the making (or cooking) of a metric ruler, on a piece of wood. as to what that piece of wood or length of wood is we have no idea. so one thing that might be lost in the video could be that the evenly distributed centimeters on the wood actually does not overlap with the actual, standard measurement units. but the hand intervenes into the screen to give a sense of proportion, scale. with the guidance, reference point of the hand we can tell that the numbers and the intervals are bigger-larger than they supposed to be.
a pinch of reddish dust is sparkled on the surface, than we watch the making of a ruler, a measuring device being mad. some thought that it was red soil, some, looking at the actual object in the space (where I used cumin) said it is sand.
but I guess it is a measuring and knowing with the limit of one's material and one's self.
in a sense we are witnessing the invention of a new ruler.
a ruler assumes a straight line between two points. a shortcut. to make things easly translatable into one another.
the empty space available for the bookcase you are planning to buy, and the space the bookcase occupy, the dimensions of the bookcase.
measuring gives you an abstract number, idea that can be translatable into a concrete thing again.
making my way in a new culture which have its own kind of practices,  I am looking for the right times, right moments, right moves. seizing the responses, reactions, and adjusting my responses, registering them to my vocabulary to act, perform better next time, at the next encounter.
A şehrinden B şehrine gitmekte olan...
someone is making a ruler with a dusty material: what would you think?
Dust: ephemeral material, very fragile to exterior conditions. a dust, a shake, a mistake can dismantle it.
ruler: standard, rigid, universal, as rigid as stone. you take it as a reference. you measure the size, dimension of things with it. than note it down, carry  your measurements with you, and with another ruler you can remake, recreate the actual size of the object that is not there anymore.
it makes object portable without carrying them. you can carry the physical dimensions of objects in your pocket.
it is a perfect translation, when the only thing you want to know it the dimensions, weight.
like a receipe; following the instructions, mixing the stated amounts of stuff together in the right order.
a handmade ruler: personal, imperfect.
customized, not translatable.
then, there is the futile attempt of doing it, the excessive amount of time spent doing that futile thing.
both because it is not translatable but also it is waste of time.

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