4 Şubat 2012 Cumartesi

how to answer the question about your nationality without feeling awkward about it

In this post, we are answering your long lingering question, quest for finding a way to express your disbelief in defining yourself through your nationality. although it might play a tiny part in conservations, even as a box to be filled in an application for a trivilous card, you might still feel a bit of out of space, uneasy when asked about your national identity. You might want to start telling, how complicated it is to just nail it down with a word. You might want to raise the shattering of identities, or tell how sick and constructed it is. Or say, or ask the person how often does s/he really thinks about her/his national identity? And even it seems like a very simple-straightforward question, what it actually refers to, in everyday conversation is, where you are from, under which lights, weather conditions you grown up, where your accent come from, to locate you, although they might not have a particular idea about that part of the world. What they know would be generic, even streotypical. but yet, an idea about what kind person you might be, a touchy mediterranean, a whining middle easterner, a loud north american, laid back latin american?
anyway, all those things aside, you face a very simple question on the surface of it. But then it is not that simple for you. You would like to talk about, how you think the founder of the turkish identity actually formulated a performative national identity, by saying anyone that says I am turkish is turkish.
but you cannot do that, at least not to everyone.
so I was thinking a way of telling it, just answering the question with a word, but twisting it. Try stressing the -ish at the end, which gives the meaning of approximity to the word. which will eliminate the preciseness, the contained nature, circumscribed borders of national identity. and dont forget to wave your hands, on a horizontal axis, to underpin your emphasis on the approximate.

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