30 Ekim 2011 Pazar

"what do you do in your practice"

geveledim ben de. muhabbet ordan aktı gitti bi yerlere de ben kalakaldım tabi sorunun beni koyduğu yerde. narratives, stories, representations that makes the belonging, unpack them, underline them the materials I worked on, I depart from, and head towards... a carpet a tulip national map border identity cards currency national symbols stories embodied, abreviated, concised in visual symbols, symbolic, ruled, set actions, in language, in accents, in the resistance of a tongue to move, twist other way, in the way one's body moves unconsciously, the rituals, the repeated stories that makes us situate ourselves within a particular identity, without much noticing. playing with the storylines, rearranging, rewriting them. narrative analysis of my story? through the material culture that embodies the intangible stories, habits.

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