29 Ekim 2011 Cumartesi

resisting to draw boundary for the third time in 5 minutes i am forgetting what i planned to write. now, here it is again. the field of autoethnographic work. it draws a circle, deriving from my experience, my practice is shaped, the note taking occurs on the site of production. this is the second point of data collection, let say, the first step was the `data` that led to the studio work, that was interpreted in the work. then the second hand data, insights on the practice is translated into the writing, with the aim to draw a general, bigger picture. a birds eye view let say. and deriving from this reading, the analysis, that aimed to unpack, unfold the hidden, or not-voiced motives, concerns, turns back to the practice, and tested, played with. anecdotes-nodes: in their tangled forms, feelings, leading to practice. in that stage, they are in what if forms. they require playing around at studio. the material experience bring this what if`s, works in proposition form into a better defined area, form. than with its material presence, the work goes under a second process, where it is considered in relation to the autobiographical ground and previous work, to capture, see the emerging pattern. how these two are captured, translated in each other is an important and yet unsolved question. is it necessarily a cause and effect relation. than there was problem solving and aggreement-disagrrement forms of essay writing that we were taught at university.

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