26 Kasım 2011 Cumartesi

your language can be a home to a total stranger

the previous day of our conversation with her, I was speaking to a friend over phone. she told her grand-grand mother and grand mother speaking turkish, when they are speaking something secret. then tried to remember some words, as long as she remembers. as her grand-grand mother died when she was young, she was not able to listen to that language and forgot most what she knew. "gel burada" "tamam" and she said something else, but I guess it was greek. i remember my grandmother calling me something like `ezgoritdeme` and give me slime kisses on the cheek. i later on learned that it means, `ill sacrifice myself for you` in kurdish than she told me that her grandmother used to cook such nice kadayifi, and she couldnt have any kadayif as delicious as hers after her death. `when you were speaking i felt home` she said the conversation prior to this story was about how the body changes, its rhtyhm and habits transforms, the climate of the body slowly adjusting to the climate, light, winds, temparature of its new habitat. i grow dandrufs, my skin gets lighter, whiter, paler due to lack of sunlight and my skin gets dry and the lack of sunlight and the mood swings what they call the winter blues

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