26 Kasım 2011 Cumartesi

i am not claiming that i am doing autoethnography, i am exploring the possibilities of doing it

try to look into the ways, means, tools of autoethnography that can be used, appropriated to what extent they can work together. so, it is an experiment, a process where the tools of fieldwork is applied, the limits of fieldwork is questioned, the excess (bodily) knowledge fieldwork produces is looked at. the juncture where the ethnographer`s work approaches to the everyday routines of the new comer. What makes this project autoethnography, apart from its being derived from my own experiences? A collection of anecdotes, the little pseudo ethnographic stories for the ones who have not been here. A collection of first hand experiences,travel stories the amazements turned into, becomes the moving points, origins developing into visual representations, expressions, into visual language. Those amazements occur at an unexpected encounter, that marks a crack on my perception, my common sense. A breaking point that changes the picture slowly, every time. This also changes my relation with that reality, with every tiny step, addition to that experience, my new experiences is being refashioned. My perception is changed. So does the practice illustrate this, represent this what has it got anything to do with fieldwork? Collection of impressions, notes, stories, observations that help you to perform better in that new reality next time, as a newcomer. Next time you are locked in the flat you would know calling for lockersmith is not an option, if you are not the landlady of the flat. You would know, how you would ask for things. So you inhabit that local knowledge, you grow into that language. and it becomes the field, your data, later to be uttered, interpreted not with the language of ethnographic writing, but with the language of art practice. And the work the work comes from there. The practice is-does ….what is the verb-noun here? What is the function of practice? So far I have uttered some alternatives: illustrate? Made –up artifacts that embodies that experience Witness to the process, or maybe documentation of that process. documentation of some sort From the very outset, how does a work is conceived, developed, and put into full fruition, finished? Practice is the ground where the experience is unfolded-translated into the artistic language And translation relies on the meaning and then the feeling of a text I reckon. Translation of the experience into practice. I use common sense, clichés, sterotypes, images, objects that can be easily associated with, and tear their familiarity down , rely on this abbreviated, symbolic language that is being fed by our basic and sometimes wrong ideas about ourselves, and use that clichés to speak about a personal experience. To give the observer, the audience something she can easily associate, and then strip him-her bare off this knowledge, drag those taken for granted perception, push them further into unfamiliar guises. to kind of undo them.

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