31 Aralık 2010 Cuma

Daniel Miller: Behind closed Doors

the study of home life is hardly new to anthropology. Indeed it is probably its core. Typically, in the "classic" period of ethnographic enquiry, supervisors would instruct their graduate students that it was essential that they live in the homes of their informants, at the heart of the community.
attfield: wild things: the material culture of everyday life
Auslander: Taste and Power
birdwell-Pheasant: House Lİfe: Space place and Family in Europe
csikszentmihalyi : : The meaning of things: Domestic symbols and the self
steedman:the tidy house
rapport-Dawson: migrants of identity

very mobility of food , the fact that it can be easily transferred from one country to another, which makes it suitable as their means to stabilise their sense of home.
food is often intimately associated with both the particular cooking and smells of one's natal home and more generally the taste" of one's homeland.

sense of home emanating not from a house but from mobile material culture.

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