3 Kasım 2009 Salı

"home" by alison blunt and roby dowling

the book talks about different approaches to studies on home. I like the idea of including some ongoing phd projects on the topic, it gives not only an idea on current projects, also different and more minor trends in the field. the authors draw attention to the fact that the interest on the topic of home is quite recent.(Wonder why) from mid 90s on more and more researches have been conducted on the topic. several approaches at hand, feminist and post-colonial perspectives are the ones that sounds intriguing and might help me get out of my little box I think.
anyway the book is a good anthology, a kind of beginners book that might allow you to jump to other stuff.
home as a micro-cosmos, a space we develop an ethic of existence.
It feels like a valid starting point for the quest for familiar, the place of the exotic. Still vague how to move on from there.
"the anthropology of domestic space can become a native research paradise illustrating the exotic in the familiar"
Irene Cieraad says in page 43
I will try to write a more comprehensive summary of the book when I turn back from the trip (hopefully).

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