22 Ekim 2009 Perşembe

au-pair and their relation with their new environment

I come across with an article on (Slovakian) au-pairs and how they relate with their room in their new environment. the paper was written by Zuzana Brikova under the tittle "the embarrassment of co-presence: aupair and their rooms" and published in Home cultures. I was really moved by her analysis and observations. the way they relate or refuse to relate their room, they patterns of using the facilities at home, the way they consume the food... It is so bizarre that our relation with the space effects even our way of eating.
(when I am not comfortable in someone's place, somewhere unfamiliar I tend to eat little as well. so simple and so silly it might sound, but that's the way it is. )
brikova observes that the au-pairs do not prefer to open new food package, or they do not prefer to be the one finishing the food, as they dont want their presence to be felt, to be underlined. as they do not feel as the part of the house, they want to give as less "impression" as possible.
horror of leaving a trace.

the way aupairs relate to their room also show differences. some prefer to embellish their rooms, leave a personal mark on it, try to make it their own while some others do not want to do emotional investment where they will stay temporarily. even they become obsessed about not leaving a stain on the carpet...

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